What is Email Marketing?

Sending a promotional message by email, often to a group of people, is known as email marketing. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.
The goal of all marketers should be great relationships, in email marketing You can build such a great relationships by treating your constituents in a way that makes them feel appreciated, unique, and valued remember that existing customers are much easier to build relationships with and typically cost a lot less than new customer

Is Email the Finest Marketing ?

1.Email Is Easy

With the kinds of software and tools available today, it is easy for any organization to develop effective email programs to help build relationships. The best part? The tools are so intuitive, there’s no need for technical geniuses Email eliminates the extra steps and middlemen who don’t add a lot of value and create friction by slowing down the process. And while email marketing tools can be sophisticated, they can still be easy enough to use that marketers can handle a campaign from start to finish.

2.Email Is Less expensive than other marketings

There is no marketing medium that is less expensive than email. such as Print, television, and telephone can range from a few dollars per touch to several thousands or even millions (think of those Super Bowl commercials).
The price of an email can be as inexpensive as a penny or less. This means that organizations of any size save money over traditional mass marketing tools. For small organizations, email is a great equalizer. You don’t need a monstrous budget. To be successful with this medium, all you need is desire.


3.Email is Personal Interaction

Email is so Personal and Interaction with us. day to day i receive 1000s of emails now days alots of tools available so You can track email. You can see exactly where an individual clicks within an email (and which links are ignored). You can measure overall effectiveness and integrate email with other systems in order to measure actual behavior (purchases, etc.). In the interactive world, this is equivalent to listening.

4. Email Is Data Driven

email, you can easily use data to tailor a unique message and dialogue for the individual recipient. Data is an absolutely critical part of relationship building. You need data to show that you recognize uniqueness, to prove that you are listening, and to become more and more relevant with your messaging over time.


Email Marketing for Beginners

Choose Best Email service provider:

Your email service provider is an integral aspect of your email and business strategy, so do some shopping around to ensure you pick the right one for your business. Free isn’t always the best, We use Hubspot and Mailchimp , it’s essential to pick a provider that’s not only within your budget but one that’s able to grow with your business and that has features and tools to deliver on what you have in mind for your business plans.

Nurture Lead capture systems

You need a landing page tool as well as a tool that helps you create opt-in forms on your site. I have a tools list within the Email Jumpstart Pack that you can get free proposals from us>>> https://campaignburst.com

Develope Lifetime Value

Try to rid yourself of the term “campaign.” The purpose of a campaign is to convince people to buy or do something, The purpose of a relationship is to maximize Lifetime Value

Types of Email

1. Email Newsletters
2.Acquisition Emails
3. Retention Emails
4. Promotional Emails

Best email marketing platforms

The low cost, general effectiveness, and higher adoption rates mean that more companies are using email and sending more campaigns. Customers choose email because they often prefer email over direct mail and phone calls. Finally, there is spam.